8:06pm 03-05-2023

website url:
ciao, bel sito!
Replied on: 6:34pm 03-10-2023

Ciao, grazie mille!

9:29pm 02-12-2023
Cool site and good manifesto!
Replied on: 6:34pm 03-10-2023

thankies !!

3:33pm 01-24-2023

website url:
really cool site!! keep it up
Replied on: 6:33pm 03-10-2023

thank you!! I love minimal stuff (I used to have a gemini page) so I also love ur site very much

5:00pm 12-11-2022

website url:
Interesting website. I know that it can be difficult to settle on how it's going to look. But you are like me - tinkerer 😀
Replied on: 6:33pm 03-10-2023

Hi, thank you for visiting! Indeed, sometimes it is a real struggle to settle on stuff.

4:33am 12-01-2022
John Smith
Just discovered your site while surfing the Net. Cool site!
Replied on: 6:32pm 03-10-2023

thank you John!!

6:36pm 11-19-2022

website url:
Replied on: 11:31am 11-27-2022

omg I just realized I can REPLY to messages here??? It took me more than a year @_@ hi tox!

9:35am 11-13-2022
hey serimemo, just discovered your website via mastodon. gotta say, very comfy :3 exactly the content I'd like to browse through on a foggy Sunday noon.
4:50pm 10-31-2022

website url:
Cool website
12:16pm 08-17-2022
Laura (aconito)

website url:
Ciao memo! Bel sito!
12:58pm 07-18-2022

website url:
Ooiiiiiii come va
7:41pm 07-01-2022

website url:
Ciao! Mi fa molto piacere aver trovato il tuo sito vagando per i webring cui mi sono iscritto.
11:33pm 06-19-2022
robiola osella
ciao fratm come va? scrivo qua perché ho paura di darti fastidio su waspap o in generale quindi niente fammi sap intanto ecco jif gatto
9:44pm 05-05-2022

website url:
i love it ;3 keep goin
6:21am 04-14-2022

website url:
Ayy, found you on yesterweb. I like the simple yet dense layout; refreshing to see someone actually use flex the right way.

By the way, you might wanna consider specifying the body max-width in relative units; zooming in/out doesn't change the body width 😉.
10:59pm 04-11-2022

website url:
thanks for your comment i added your button on my links pages, feel free to make mine-though it is a temporary design!
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